POS mining

Creative assembling

Chain creation

POS mining

The calculation power is the influence factor for users to obtain LeBlock. The higher the power is, the more LeBlock will be obtained, and the higher the probability of getting a rare LeBlock will be. The level depends on the number of TATs that the player mortgages in the mine deposit room. The more the number of TATs pledged, the higher the power. The more frequently you heat up your own mining machine, the more calculation power you will obtain.

Creative assembling

In piecing-together page of LeBlock, choose the color you like, and make creations freely. At the same time, the property rights of these products belong to the player, which, as the player's virtual game asset, never disappear and allow free trade. A fun and exciting ecosystem will revolve around LeBlock.

Chain creation

“The world of LeBlock” symbolizes the beginning of a new era, which will be created by us together. Players can build their own little world in person, or choose to connect with their friends’ world. Starting from the earth’s surface, all houses, roads, and high-rise buildings are built by the players themselves, who also own the property rights. The future world of LeBlock will consist of buildings built by every player. Residents, LeBlock is looking forward to your creation!

Digital Assets

The colorful blocks in LeBlock and the infinite creations are all the assets registered in the blockchain. Decentralization is achieved through intelligent contracts, which is tamperproof and will never disappear.

Free Trade

In LeBlock, players can freely exchange blocks of various materials and blocks of different colors for TAT (TonArts Token), and vice versa. In the process of circulation and creation, the block will reappear in the form of the value of creations.

Copyights online

Players can continue the creation for the second time based on others’ work. The copyright of the player's creation is traceable and will be automatically paid to the copyright owner through theintelligent contract reference. The copyright of the creation can be used by other developers on a charge basis.

Highly-free Creation

Use the blocks in your hand to freely create whatever you want. Colorful colors, fantastic features, physical modules, motion modules, AI modules and other modules are all available for use. Everyone will have their own Avatar, in which, one can stay with everything they truly like, and create everything they love.

Building the world together

Building the world together: Starting with Avatar, players can build their own little world, or choose to connect with their friends' world. You can create a new world with your friends.

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